About Us

We are Professional Photographers and our usual work consists of Corporate Events, Staff Portraits, Product Shoots

& Aerial Drone Photography.

Besides being our profession, photography is also

our hobby and passion.

Over the years we have taken many photos on our travels

and have always thought,

'wouldn't it be good to share these images with others?'

During this difficult time of the Coronavirus Crisis we thought it

would be nice to combine our photos with the encouraging words of the Bible and give them away free.

Martin & Linda Bird

About the Charity we support

For a number of years we have been travelling to Africa as part of a Mission trip run by our Church, KingsGate Community Church. From the very first visit in 2015 we fell in love with the Country and the people. The main purpose of our trip has been to support and work with an orphanage in Eswatini called Bulembu. This is a wonderful place where children are given a great start in life and where their past situations of hopelessness are turned into hope and a future full of opportunities.

The care the children are given is awesome, with good accommodation, food, education and healthcare.

Obviously the financial costs of looking after 400 children is huge and with the Coronavirus Crisis their needs are even greater. 

Please help by donating towards this amazing work if you can.

Check out our Donate section for full details.


Photography Copyright

We have donated our Photography free of charge so that you may be encouraged and comforted by the combination of the photos and Bible verses. The images may be downloaded and used for personal use - as a screen saver, printed as an A4 poster or shared with friends. However these images must not be used for any financial benefit or used on any other website or printed document without written permission.

They are intended for personal use only and the copyright remains the owner Martin Bird Photography.

Bible Copyright

To avoid complications with Copyright protected versions of the Bible we have decided to use the King James version of the Bible as this is Copyright free. However we know that a lot of the language is very old fashioned.

So to make it simple we have just swapped some of the old words for the new equivalent and occasionally we may have adjusted the grammar to read correctly.

For example...

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.

Some verses have also been paraphrased to fit better with the space on the photo posters

There are also some Sayings that are based on Biblical truths and these will have the Bible references they relate to.

We do hope that these small changes will not offend anyone and will not take away from the power and truth of God's word.